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Contract Publishing

We are a leading publishing organization with a comprehensive range of contract publishing services, specializing in print and digital publishing for over 30 years. From our experienced writers to our creative designers, premium digital marketing services, and our cutting-edge website developers, we provide first-rate assistance to various clients from across the UK and the U.S. in the worlds of golf, health, beauty, and much more.


About Us

Contract Publishing is an amalgamation of a small group of publishing and digital companies based in the United States and United Kingdom, headed by contract publishing and digital marketing expert Kevin Harrington.

Kevin was one of the original founders of Contract Publishing back in 1978, since then he has been responsible for the publishing of hundreds of publications and websites. His experience covers all areas of publishing both printed and digital including magazines, content marketing and website development.

Together we are able to offer expertise in Contract Publishing, custom magazines, editorial services, back-office publishing support, website development, digital management, creative design, and advertising.

  • Supporting publishing companies and reducing their overheads by the outsourcing and management of their back office, including administration of advertising, plus creative design of both editorial and advertising.
  • Supporting other companies with editorial services including native advertising, website development and a range of digital management services, including PPC, SEO, hosting, and security.
  • Providing custom (customer) magazines and brochures both physical and digital via our design studio and Contract Publishing company.
  • Creating branding and advertisements.
  • Contract digital magazines, mobile friendly and focused on providing added value to customers with special promotions.


A small group of publishing and digital companies working together across a range of services that all link to contract publishing and website development.

Our senior management team is one of the most experienced in contract publishing and are capable of undertaking all types of publishing related services, from a customer or custom magazine or website development, to editorial creation.

For publishing companies, we offer a range of back-office service including advertising management, editorial, design and revenue creation, via our editors, designers, production managers and sales people.


Our publishing back-office services allow publishing companies to run efficiently and digitally at a far lower cost than they can do themselves, from advertising management to design creation. This not only reduces their costs but also increases the quality level.

Our contract publishing team is expert in the creation of websites and customer publications or customer magazines that deliver. We also provide the ongoing fresh content and marketing initiatives essential to achieving a high ROI.

Our digital services include website development, hosting and security, PPC, SEO and social media management.


Contract Publishing

Whether you call it contract, custom or customer publishing, we have the people that can create it. From a regular printed custom magazine to a one off digital brochure and anything in between.

Website Development

A great website is more than just design, it needs to work for you. Our team is expert in creating all types of websites from simple to complex ecommerce sites via our two digital marketing companies one2one Digital and Tron media.

Digital Marketing Services

We have a wide range of digital management services, from PPC, SEO and social media to hosting and security that will help drive traffic to your website.


We create stunning mobile friendly digital magazines, providing added value to customers via discounts, and special promotions. Find out more.

Content Marketing and editorial services

Content marketing is the game changer, enabling you to reach existing and new customers with your story.
Today more than ever editorial creation is key to getting you traffic and being able to talk to your customers.
From content strategy to full production, our dedicated content marketing team and journalists will handle it all.

Design and Creative Studio

From complete design services for publishers to advertising creation, we have the talent and facilities to assist you.


If you are a publisher and need additional advertising, we have sales teams in the United States and United Kingdom that can help or advise.

Publishing Back Office Management

If you are a small publisher, back-office management is a high cost. We can take over this for you at a fixed rate.

Clients and Partners